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Achievement objective LW 6-1

Students will:

  • relate key structural features and functions to the life processes of plants, animals, and micro-organisms and investigate environmental factors that affect these processes.


  • Identifies the function of a structural feature in a plant, animal, or micro-organism and explains how the feature supports specific life processes.
  • Predicts the effect of a change in an environmental factor (related to either the internal or external environment of the organism) on a life process.
  • Gathers and processes data to describe the effect of a change in an environmental factor on a life process.

Possible context elaborations

  • Field trip or visit to a zoo, aquarium or botanic gardens: observations of structural features in plants and animals related to specific life processes.
  • Design an organism to thrive in an alien world.
  • Variations in tissues in a dissected pluck: relate to their different roles as they contribute to a life process.
  • Growth of pond weed: impact of temperature and light on bubble production.
  • Alcohol handwash: Is it as effective as soap and water?
  • Could prolonged exposure to loud music reduce the sensitivity of my hearing?
  • How can we increase the yield of the tomato crop in our greenhouse?
  • Why does amylase work in the mouth but not in the stomach?

Assessment for qualifications

At the time of publication, achievement standards were in development to align them with The New Zealand Curriculum. Please ensure that you are using the correct version of the standards by going to the NZQA website.

The NZQA subject-specific resources pages are very helpful. From there, you can find all the achievement standards and links to assessment resources, both internal and external.

Learn more with NZQA subject resources for:

Aligned level 1 achievement standards were registered for use in 2011 and level 2 for use in 2012; level 3 for use in 2013.

Learning described by this objective could be assessed using one or more of these achievement standards:

  • science AS90949 1.10, AS90950 1.11
  • biology AS90925 1.1, AS90927 1.3, AS90928 1.4, AS90929 1.5

Last updated September 15, 2020