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Assessment for qualifications

Assessment for qualifications is focused on credentialing students for the understandings, skills and competencies which they have developed by the end of a learning experience.

At the time of publication, the aligned level 1 and 2 achievement standards have been registered for use by NZQA. Level 3 will be registered in 2013.

Teachers should select achievement standards that align with the technology achievement (AOs) and learning objectives (LOs) that are the focus of the teaching and learning.

Depending on the nature of the course being offered, this may require a selection of achievement standards from across the Technology Achievement Standard Matrix to ensure that the knowledge and competencies students demonstrate are reflected in the standards used to credential them. Such a selection may include a combination of generic and specialist knowledge and skill achievements standards.

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Some of the technology achievement standards provide an opportunity to credential students with literacy and numeracy credits for the NCEA.

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Please ensure that you are using the correct version of the standards by going to the NZQA website.

Full information on the draft standards and the alignment process can be found on NCEA on TKI.

For resources developed to support assessment against the technology achievement standards, visit:

Last updated March 20, 2018