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English teaching and learning resources

New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English (NZATE)

This site offers information about the annual conference and regional associations, and resources that are available to support implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum and raising student achievement.

English Online

A portal for English teachers wanting to access teaching and learning resources. Teachers can also engage in online discussions about topical issues.

Literacy Online

A portal through which to access resources for developing teaching and learning programmes based on the literacy needs of learners.

ESOL Online

A site with content designed to help teachers respond to the needs of their English language learners.

Assessment and professional support

NZQA subject pages

Everything you need to know in relation to English and NZQA including the standards, clarifications, moderators’ newsletters, benchmarked samples for internally assessed standards and sample external examinations.

Assessment Online

This key community covers assessment in the classroom, effective use of evidence, and reporting to families and whānau. It offers news, assessment tools and resources, research, a glossary, FAQ, and related links.

The linked site Consider the evidence promotes "evidence-driven decision making for secondary schools" and supports secondary educators in making best use of evidence to improve student achievement.

For a view of how assessment can best serve learning, see Directions for Assessment in New Zealand, a report by Michael Absolum, Lester Flockton, John Hattie, Rosemary Hipkins, and Ian Reid (also available as a Word or PDF file).

Education Review Office

In 2007, ERO published reports on schools’ effectiveness in the collection and use of assessment:

Resourcing ideas

The following references will help you to plan teaching and learning activities.

The National Library of New Zealand Services to Schools

Services to Schools supports educators by providing professional learning, advice, and quality resources to inspire and inform student learning, foster their love of reading, and develop their knowledge of culture and heritage.

The New Zealand Archive of Film, Television and Sound Ngā Taonga Whitiāhua Me Ngā Taonga Kōrerohe

The On Disk library of audiovisual teaching resources for secondary schools includes over 40 titles covering a range of subjects, with more titles to be added. ON DISK has now ceased to operate as a lending library, however, all titles can be screened and guided by teachers from the Film Archive's team.

Te Ara: The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand

Te ara in Māori means the pathway. Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand offers many pathways to understanding New Zealand. When complete, it will be a comprehensive guide to the country’s peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy, institutions and society.

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

This website provides an online biographical database on the people who have helped shape New Zealand.

Professional development resources

The New Zealand Curriculum Online

As well as the HTML version of The New Zealand Curriculum, this interactive site offers a variety of support and strategies, news updates, digital stories of schools’ experiences, and archived material relating to development of the curriculum.

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa

This site includes an English translation of the main sections of the draft marautanga. Only learning levels 1, 4, and 6 have been translated in the learning areas.

Key Competencies Online

This companion site to the New Zealand Curriculum online offers specific guidance to school leaders and teachers on integrating the key competencies into the daily activities of the school and its teaching and learning programmes.

BES (Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis) programme

BES is a collaborative knowledge-building strategy designed to strengthen the evidence base that informs education policy and practice in New Zealand. Visit this site for all the BES syntheses and related resources.

The Secondary Education Portal

The secondary education portal provides links to information, resources and guidance, to support secondary teaching and learning.


The home page now makes a clear distinction between resources for aligned standards and resources for non-aligned standards. Access to these is now much improved.

Leading from the middle: Educational leadership for middle and senior leaders

This resource describes the qualities, practices and activities middle and senior leaders need to lead in ways that enhance learner outcomes. It is the third in a series that includes Kiwi Leadership for Principals and Tū Rangatira: Māori-medium Educational Leadership.

Down the Back of the Chair

Use this site or phone 0800 660 662 for copies of Ministry of Education teaching and learning resources.

Ka Hikitia

Ka Hikitia–Accelerating Success 2013–2017 is a strategy to rapidly change how the education system performs so that all Māori students gain the skills, qualifications and knowledge they need to enjoy and achieve education success as Māori.

Te Tere Auraki

This Ministry of Education professional development strategy focuses on improving outcomes for Māori students in English-medium schools. This strategy supports four main projects:

He Kākano

He Kākano supports school leaders to become relational and pedagogical leaders with the capability that will enable schools and teachers to build educational success for and with Māori learners.

Rangiātea: Case studies and exemplars

Five Rangiātea case studies and exemplars examine five secondary schools, each of which is on a journey towards realising Māori student potential.

Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners

Tātaiako sets out competencies integral to creating culturally responsive learning environments and contexts, based on knowledge, respect, and collaborative approaches to Māori students, their whānau, and iwi. Successful teachers of Māori learners need to develop these competencies in each phase of their careers.

Pasifika education

The purpose of this website is to support the achievement of Pasifika learners by providing links to quality resources, research and other materials for teachers and school leaders to use.

Last updated December 8, 2021