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Key concepts in the arts

The following are key concepts or big ideas in the arts.


The arts are unique vehicles and forums for making connections between the self and the world, communities, ideas, practices, and responses.

The arts examine relationships within, between, and across different spaces, cultures of practice, and ideas of being.


Invention is premised on notions of dissonance, risk, and creation.

Through the process of inquiry into self and current knowledge and practice, we create new spaces of experience and understanding.

Imagination and risk are significant catalysts within the act and process of invention.


The arts, through the processes of creating and producing, locate themselves centrally within the notion of transformation.

The arts serve as agents of change.

Ideas of transformation can be positioned both internally (in terms of self and the embodiment of change) and externally, as in social or cultural contexts.

Transformation provides new vantage points to see identities of self, others, and the world in different ways.

Last updated November 16, 2011