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Pedagogy for philosophy

Pedagogy is the ‘how’ of teaching. Together with content knowledge, it forms the core of the professional skills of a teacher of philosophy.

Teacher actions promoting student learning

Effective teachers use a range of approaches to support the learning of their students. They reflect on the strategies and methodologies they use, and they keep in mind broad curriculum outcomes as well as the specific learning objectives for a unit of work.

They ask themselves, for example:

  • Is my teaching too teacher-directed?
  • Am I providing appropriate opportunities for students to work independently and collectively?
  • Am I developing the key competencies in my students?
  • Am I modelling the attributes I want to see in my students?

Effective teachers look for clear feedback concerning the impact of their teaching, asking, for example:

  • Is my teaching encouraging students to take greater ownership of their own learning and thinking?
  • Am I failing to reach certain individuals or a particular group of students? If so, what might I do differently?
  • How am I supporting my Māori students to achieve?

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Last updated October 6, 2011