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Why study mathematics and statistics?

Inspire thinking

Mathematics and statistics make sense of information, experience, and ideas by engaging students to think:

  • flexibly and creatively
  • critically and effectively
  • strategically and logically.

'Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.'

Dean Schlicter

Stimulate creativity and curiosity

Mathematics and statistics open the door to a world of beauty, mystery, and awe. They provide students with the enjoyment of intellectual challenge: opportunities to explore ideas and to wrestle with interesting problems. Mathematics and statistics provide ways of connecting abstract ideas with real world thinking.

'The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.'

S. Gudder

Equip students for the 21st century

Mathematics and statistics equip students with the knowledge and skills to be global citizens in the 21st century. Effective citizens have the ability and inclination to use mathematics and statistics at home, at work, and in the community by:

  • using problem-solving strategies
  • using mathematical and statistical models to solve problems
  • making sensible estimates
  • using and interpreting data
  • evaluating mathematical and statistical information
  • communicating ideas.

'Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.'

attributed to H. G. Wells

Last updated November 15, 2010