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Snapshots 1–11 capture examples of teachers using specific content or contexts to support the learning of diverse students. They are intended to whet the appetite, not to provide a model or a plan for others to follow. Each snapshot captures just part of what the teacher did.

Snapshots 12–18 capture examples of teachers and schools rethinking their English curriculum and planning/implementing significant change.

  1. Ngā hau e wha
  2. Microblogging reflections on a novel
  3. Shakespeare on Facebook
  4. Learning through poetry
  5. Video gaming as a context
  6. Mel’s story
  7. Film study
  8. Salem and the Dawn Raids
  9. I am not Esther
  10. Theme-based programme design
  11. Reflective journals
  12. Choice, engagement, ownership
  13. Shifting the focus onto learning
  14. Getting out of a rut
  15. Trusting students and community
  16. Pasifika poetry and English classics
  17. Planning around the key concepts
  18. Using the AOs to identify learning needs

Last updated July 31, 2012