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Design focus and exemplars for level 8 programmes

Me matou ki te whetu i mua

te kokiri o te haere

Before you set forth on a voyage, be sure you know the stars

This guide models level 8 of The New Zealand Curriculum in order to exemplify teaching and learning programmes at the highest level of achievement in the school setting. The examples from each subject area have been chosen because they demonstrate the depth of knowledge and understanding that is required for students to attain success at level 8 (NCEA level 3) and progress beyond.

The learning pathway design gives teachers an outline of potential outcomes for students at level 8. Teachers can use these to map back to level 6 and 7 programmes in order to meet the unique needs of their students, whānau, and school community and align with the outcomes and achievement objectives laid down in The New Zealand Curriculum

This section contains:

Last updated September 19, 2012