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Planning for effective teaching

Planning for effective teaching and learning involves designing a flexible sequence of learning activities, and being clear about the concepts students will be developing in each activity to reach the desired goal of relational understanding.

(Skemp, 1976)

Planning should involve:

  • starting with familiar contexts, concrete materials and prior knowledge, and moving to generalisations and abstract ideas (and back and forth between these as needed)
  • using rich mathematical and statistical tasks
  • responding to student diversity and prior knowledge
  • using a variety of effective teaching strategies
  • making transitions between increasingly abstract representations
  • giving students opportunities to confront their misconceptions
  • selecting activities that prompt students to link verbal thinking and visual imaging to the concepts being learned
  • scaffolding students’ reasoning
  • using learning materials to focus student attention on key concepts.

Specific activities

Further information

Last updated September 5, 2018