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Connections with other school subjects

Agricultural and horticultural science is an applied science that integrates concepts from a range of learning areas including science, technology, social sciences, and mathematics and statistics.

As is the intent of The New Zealand Curriculum, programmes are designed to address the particular needs and interests of students, and to make use of the particular opportunities that exist within the school and the local community.

Contexts for learning are chosen for their relevance and utility, and teaching focuses on long-term, valued outcomes rather than the learning of discrete and possibly isolated pieces of content.

Agricultural and horticultural science is treated in these guidelines as a single subject, but programmes can focus on either agriculture or horticulture. Schools can also develop programmes that connect learning across science, technology, mathematics and statistics, social sciences, business studies, economics, and geography. The following sections suggest some of the ways in which this can be done.

Last updated October 12, 2011