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Indicators of progression

Indicators of progression have been developed for the technology achievement objectives.

Draft indicators of progression have been written for the technology learning objectives.

The indicators of progression describe the nature of expected student learning for the achievement and the learning objectives.

The indicators of progression also provide teacher guidance and highlight the importance of the teacher’s role in supporting student learning.

The teacher guidance acknowledges how teaching approaches need to be adjusted to ensure that students take increasing responsibility for their learning. The following terms are used to denote a shift in responsibilities from teacher to student:

  • “Provide” is used when the teacher needs to take full responsibility for introducing and explicitly teaching new knowledge, skills, or practices.
  • “Guide” is used when the teacher assumes students will have some level of understanding and competency to draw from, but continues to take the bulk of responsibility for developing these understandings.
  • “Support” is used when the balance shifts towards the student taking more responsibility, drawing from their past learning to consolidate and extend their understandings. The teacher plays a more supportive role by questioning and challenging students to extend their thinking.

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Last updated October 7, 2013