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Field Māori and the arts

New Zealand is the first country in the world to formally recognise indigenous knowledge.

Field Māori contains a wealth of arts-related unit standards and national certificates, many which can be funded under your school’s Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) funding.

Your school may be already accredited to provide some of these:

  • Māori performing arts
  • Ngā mahi a te whare pora (traditional weaving)
  • Mau rākau (taiaha training)
  • Whakairo (carving).

Te Waharoa

Some schools may choose to offer this national level 2 certificate.

Te Waharoa is a customisable course designed to elicit significant achievement from Field Māori, to motivate students, and to provide a learning and training focus. It is also seen as a pathway into mainstream achievement and an opportunity to continue with further study and achievement in either Field Māori or other areas.

Learn more:

Te Waharoa requirements are non-prescriptive to enable providers (with different expertise, training opportunities, and in different locations) to offer a customised package.

A minimum of 70 credits, of which 40 are at level 2 or above, is required from Field Māori. A further minimum of 10 credits is required from anywhere on the National Qualifications Framework (which can also include Field Māori).

This would enable a school to present a specialised level 2 National Certificate with an arts focus, which could, for example, include Te Reo Māori achievement standards and literacy and numeracy components.

Pasifika arts

While there is no Field Pasifika as such, there are unit standards that will meet the needs of some of your Pasifika students in the arts.

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Last updated March 23, 2018