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Using language, symbols and texts

What this looks like in mathematics and statistics

Students use the symbols and conventions of mathematics and statistics to make connections between different representations (tables, graphs, diagrams, equations).

Examples of ways students use language, symbols and texts in mathematics and statistics:

  • Students use the language of algebra to communicate and reason.
  • Students use symbols and diagrams to solve problems.
  • Students use statistical language to pose questions and communicate findings.
  • Students interpret and communicate mathematical and statistical information and ideas, they know and use specialised vocabulary, as well as their own language, to explain ideas.
  • Students use ICT appropriately. They capture their thought processes, recording and communicating mathematical ideas.
  • Students interpret word problems and visual representations.

Specific activities

  • Given the perimeter, find the maximum area of a rectangle:

Further information

Last updated September 24, 2013