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Effective pedagogy in mathematics and statistics

Pedagogy - students in class.
Pedagogy - teacher and students.

Teacher actions promoting student learning

Key principles underpinning effective mathematics (and statistics) teaching

Teachers who enhance positive social and academic outcomes for their diverse students are committed to teaching that takes students’ mathematical thinking seriously. Their commitment to students’ thinking is underpinned by the following principles:

  • an acknowledgement that all students, irrespective of age, have the capacity to become powerful mathematical learners 
  • a commitment to maximise access to mathematics 
  • empowerment of all to develop mathematical identities and knowledge 
  • holistic development for productive citizenship through mathematics 
  • relationships and the connectedness of both people and ideas 
  • interpersonal respect and sensitivity 
  • fairness and consistency.

Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics/Pangarau Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration. Anthony, G., and Walshaw, M. (2007) p. 1

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Last updated August 29, 2018