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By selecting suitable contexts, activities and experiences, teachers stimulate and challenge students to demonstrate understanding of the connected philosophies and concepts on which the three HPE subjects are based.

Learning programmes at each level will pursue outcomes (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that are consistent across health education, physical education, and home economics.

Transitions and pathways

Students need to see a purpose in what they are doing. For some, enjoyment is sufficient purpose, but most want to be sure that effort now is going to benefit them in tangible ways in terms of their future lives and careers.

There is clear evidence that students who understand the relevance of school to their future lives and careers feel more motivated about school.

Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools, page 5

Find out what qualifications and career pathways your students have planned. Connect learning with those plans. Make career education part of classroom learning.

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Last updated October 11, 2021