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Why study business?

Studying business enables students to appreciate the issues that challenge businesses and stakeholders. In a rapidly changing world, it is important that citizens are able to make informed and rational decisions about business matters.

Business contributes to the development of a culture of enterprise in New Zealand and supports our efforts to improve economic and community well-being. Business studies creates opportunities for students to:

  • understand the integral role of business in society and the economy
  • explore enterprise culture
  • develop the key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum and ngā uara me ngā waiaro/values and attitudes of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa through the fostering of such qualities as initiative, resilience, and resourcefulness and the skills of problem solving, co-operation, decision making, negotiation, and communicating
  • gain knowledge and understanding of good business practice and of business as a productive activity
  • acquire greater financial capability.

Evidence of an enterprising spirit abounds in New Zealand’s history and is an aspect of our multicultural national identity. Enterprise and business entrepreneurship are essential to New Zealand’s economic future.

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Last updated October 5, 2022