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Achievement objectives by strand

The New Zealand Curriculum specifies five strands for the sciences.

The Nature of Science strand is the overarching, unifying strand; all science programmes will incorporate achievement objectives from this strand alongside appropriate objectives from the four contextual strands:

  • Biology (Living world)
  • Earth and space science (Planet Earth and beyond),
  • Physics (Physical world)
  • Chemistry (Material world)

While content knowledge is important, the focus of the curriculum is on science as a process. For this reason, it is desirable that programmes integrate achievement objectives from across the contextual strands and that learning in science connects with learning in other areas.

To link them to the source document, the codes for the achievement objectives are derived from the strand names in The New Zealand Curriculum.

Science_Achievement aims and objectives as table (PDF, 89 KB)

Last updated December 3, 2010