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Developing Agribusiness programmes of learning

Agribusiness is a multidisciplinary subject, which has strong connections with other learning areas. Opportunities exist for links to be made between Agribusiness and other learning programmes. Agribusiness contexts offer opportunities to integrate learning, concepts and achievement objectives from a range of different subjects or learning areas including Science, Technology, Social sciences and Mathematics and statistics. Integrated learning can be planned for by Agribusiness teachers joining with other teachers from other curriculum areas to jointly plan learning; or teachers in other curriculum areas teach Agribusiness related learning as part of their regular programme.  

Due to the flexibility of the New Zealand Curriculum many learning areas have aspects of the Agribusiness learning objectives and indicators. It is therefore possible to not only develop a teaching and learning programme using the Agribusiness learning area but to also use other learning areas such as Education for Sustainability and Geography, much like the Vocational Pathways.

Social inquiry process

Through social inquiry, students ask questions, gather information, and examine the background to important societal ideas and events. They are able to explore and analyse values and perspectives relating to these ideas and events; and develop understandings about issues and the ways that people make decisions and participate in social action.

The resource Approaches to Social Inquiry is part of the Building Conceptual Understandings in the Social Sciences (BCUSS) series. It describes a social inquiry approach to teaching and learning and gives examples of how this approach can be applied in the classroom. These examples illustrate the social inquiry approach in more detail. Teachers can select from and adapt the ideas to develop their own social inquiry process in their Agribusiness teaching and learning programmes that use a social inquiry approach. Guiding questions are included that will support teachers as they do this.

Last updated December 15, 2017