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About the senior secondary teaching and learning guides

What is the purpose of these guides?

These guides have been designed to help teachers develop quality teaching and learning programmes at levels 6–8 of The New Zealand Curriculum (2007). They should be understood as resources rather than syllabuses or prescriptions.

Each subject guide describes the ideas around which a programme might be based, how a programme might be structured, what good teaching and learning looks like, and how the subject concerned relates to the wider New Zealand curriculum and to NCEA. Other sections describe why a student should consider taking the subject and what learning pathways it might open up for them.

The guides can also help teachers:

  • better understand the relationship between curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment
  • think about the role their subject can play in terms of the NZC vision, values, and key competencies
  • make connections between their subject and other senior subjects and learning areas
  • see ways of involving students in programming decisions, particularly those that relate to contexts for learning
  • question assumptions that may be constraining curriculum design in the senior school.
  • recognise that culture counts and productive partnerships are critical to Māori student achievement.

The guides have been written by experienced secondary teachers, school support services advisors, and other curriculum, teaching, and learning experts, often with input from interested sector organisations.

Teaching and learning guides are produced in HTML. They have been designed to be viewed online.

To print individual pages, select the 'Print' button at the top right of each page.

To print the complete guide, select the ‘Download this guide in PDF format’ button. If your browser default is set to automatically open PDF downloads in a PDF reader, the entire guide will open and can then be printed. If not, the entire guide will download into your download folder, where you can then open the document and print. Please note, some guides may be more than 200 pages long.

Last updated January 9, 2019