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Learning programme design

The five learning programme snapshots in this section have all been developed by practising teachers. Based on The New Zealand Curriculum, they reflect their own school communities and the learning outcomes that are important to their students.

You can adapt these snapshots to develop your own localised curriculum. Use them to reflect on your community and the decisions you make when programme planning. The snapshots look at:

  • Who? (the students in the programme)
  • What? (the content and context that will engage students deeply)
  • Why? (the purpose of the programme)
  • How? (the pedagogy that works for this particular group of students)

The designers of these programmes – a faculty leader or HOD - demonstrate four common understandings:

  • Students being at the centre; supporting student achievement that leads to meaningful pathways by building and maintaining relationships.
  • Pedagogy driven curriculum design.
  • Connecting to the community and finding relevant pathways to future learning, training, and employment.
  • Building a programme that has coherence within particular school contexts.

The programmes are underpinned by:

Design decision making framework

Design decision making framework.

The questions in the design decision making framework are framed to support teachers and programme designers to think more consciously and intentionally around the decisions that you make to support valued outcomes for all learners.

Use them for:

  • faculty or departmental review
  • individual teacher review
  • gathering student voice.

Examine the effectiveness of what you do as leaders of learning in relation to valid and worthwhile learning for all students within the arts.

Each question has a snapshot from the arts, such as, dance, drama, music – sound arts, and visual arts as well as an integrated programme, using visual art as the context with media studies and English.

Read the Programme planning - Design decision making framework questions:

Each of these programmes (dance, drama, music – sound arts, visual arts, and integrated programme) can also be read as a complete narrative.

Read full programme:

Last updated August 14, 2019