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Pedagogy is the ‘how’ of teaching. Together with content knowledge, it forms the core of our body of professional knowledge.

Teacher actions promoting student learning

Effective teachers use a range of approaches to support the learning of their students. They continually reflect on the strategies and methodologies they use, and they keep in mind broad curriculum outcomes as well as the specific learning objectives for a unit of work.

Pedagogy for the social sciences

Research evidence described in the Social Sciences/Tikanga ā Iwi BES supports a model in which teachers inquire into the impact of their actions on students and into strategies that might lead to improved outcomes for students.

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The social sciences BES also offers teachers a specific framework that they can use to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning in their classrooms. The framework consists of four ‘mechanisms’, namely: connections, alignment, community, and interest.

Teaching as inquiry, the BES mechanisms, and other pedagogical strategies are covered in the following sections.

Last updated September 12, 2017