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Key concepts and big ideas for teaching and learning programmes

Essential considerations for programme design should:

  • enact the department’s vision and philosophy for the learning area and the school’s vision and goals  
  • meet the needs of all students, building on students’ prior knowledge, skills, and/or practices, including pathways (careers education)
  • be relevant to the students, their whānau and their communities
  • be guided by the vision, values, principles, and key competencies in The New Zealand Curriculum (pages 8–12), the outcomes from the learning area intent (pages 22–23), and the HPE achievement objectives
  • include concepts such as the interdependence of the health and physical education underlying concepts (hauroa, socio-ecological perspectives, health promotion, and attitudes and values), which underpin teaching and learning in health education, physical education, and home economics
  • focus on the big ideas in the subject areas:
    Health education:
    • the determinants of health
    • well-being
    • resilience
    • social justice
    • critical thinking in action
    • health promotion – taking action
  • Physical education:
    • movement and its connection with well-being
    • understanding the body
    • the joy of movement
    • personal challenge
    • movement in society
    • teamwork and leadership
  • Home economics
    • well-being
    • the determinants of health
    • social justice
    • sustainability
    • health promotion.

Learning pathways (progressions)

Does this draft programme include some of the capabilities that we want our students to have as they graduate from level 6 through to level 8?

Last updated August 13, 2013