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Physical education: Level 8 sample programmes

Level 8 has been selected for these sample courses to highlight the depth required for learning at this level and to support teachers in both the preparation and delivery.

When planning a level 8 physical education programme, teachers need to work with their students to identify the context for learning, in line with the focus areas that are the foundation of all physical education at this level. These are:

  • movement and its connection with well-being
  • understanding the body
  • the joy of movement
  • personal challenge
  • movement in society
  • teamwork and leadership.

The knowledge is shaped by the underlying concepts that lie across the big focus areas and contexts.

This selection of contexts may relate to different themes for learning introduced across the programme, or be self-contained units related to the standards. 

Note: When selecting physical education standards to assess learning, use level 8 standards in conjunction with standards from other matrices. The conceptual learning required to carry out a critical analysis must be included in the learning programme. 

Last updated October 8, 2012