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Why study geography?

Geography stimulates a sense of wonder about the world

Geography students are better able to make sense of a complex and changing world and their place in it. In geography, students have the opportunity to:

  • build on and expand their personal experiences of natural and cultural environments
  • explore real and relevant contemporary contexts
  • think spatially – explore the ways in which features are arranged on the earth’s surface
  • look at the processes that shape our world
  • undertake fieldwork investigations in different locations outside the classroom
  • develop an awareness of the connections between people and places
  • participate in informed responsible action in relation to geographic issues that affect them

Geography inspires students to help shape a better future

By studying geography, students are able to recognise the responsibilities they have in relation to other people, the environment, and the long-term sustainability of the planet. Geography encourages students to think critically as they:

  • investigate contemporary geographic issues and consider possible solutions
  • explore the various perspectives of different groups of people
  • investigate important issues of relevance to New Zealand and the wider world

Geography equips students with skills for the future

Geography equips students with the knowledge and skills to interpret the world in which they live.

Through purposeful study, students develop geographical understandings that lead to a diverse range of career options. Learn more about connections and pathways.

Last updated June 8, 2011