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Programme 7 – Music and Digi Tech: Composing in the digital age

Developed by Saali Marks, Kuranui College, 2018

In this programme, students will learn to use a digital audio workstation (DAW) and virtual instruments to compose an original piece of music in response to a design brief. Students will create a design for their composition, considering the constraints of the brief, and then develop their composition using digital music production techniques.

Students will:

  • consider a composition task and develop a design to achieve it
  • consult with end-users to refine a design and outcome that is fit for purpose
  • reflect on iterations of a project in development
  • set up and operate a "session" in a DAW
  • load virtual instruments and play them using a MIDI controller
  • record and edit MIDI information
  • understand the control functions of a virtual instrument
  • understand the record and arrange windows of a DAW
  • set up and record audio
  • create and use loops and samples in a composition
  • use the Mix window of a DAW to balance sound levels and add digital effects
  • use compositional devices to create and effective composition
  • bounce and save a completed project as an MP3 or a .Wav file
  • name and manage files coherently.

Programme 7 – Music and Digi Tech: Composing in the digital age materials

Last updated December 14, 2018