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Programme 5 – Project based learning: Interactive gaming

Developed by Ruth Davey, Lincoln High School, 2018

This themed, project-based learning programme asks students to create a game that will assist other students to learn about a myth or legend. Students work on various aspects of the project throughout the year, offering the possibility of collaborative work, but each outcome will be unique. 

Please note this is intended to run over most of the school year.

Students will:

  • research to find ideas and user preferences from existing games and myths and legends
  • research programming techniques that will assist them in creating their own game
  • create and analyse survey data to enhance their ideas
  • iteratively develop and test code for their own game in the chosen computer language
  • investigate sorting and searching algorithms
  • competently design and evaluate good human computer interfaces.

Programme 5 – Project based learning: Interactive gaming

Last updated December 14, 2018