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Examples of assessing level 2/3 programmes of learning using re-contextualised achievement standards

Using re-contextualised achievement standards

The Agribusiness learning area could be assessed using other domains (that is, Geography, Science, Accounting etc.) Achievement standards that have been re-contextualised into Agribusiness contexts in their Agribusiness programme or in to their own existing courses. 

Agribusiness programmes integrate concepts and learning from achievement objectives in biology, science, economics, geography, and technology. For this reason, learning can be assessed using achievement standards from a range of subjects as well as those from agribusiness. Teachers have considerable scope to select standards that will assess valued learning and engage their students.

Learning described by this objectives could be assessed using any one of these achievement standards.

Level 2 

Course Offers Endorsement (subject to NZQA criteria being met).

No. I/E Level Credits Standard Title
AS90811 I 2 4 Education for Sustainability – Explain how human activity in a biophysical environment has consequences for a sustainable future.
AS91866 I 2 4 Agribusiness – Conduct an inquiry into the use of organisms to meet future needs.



I 2 4 Agricultural and Horticultural Science – Demonstrate understanding of how management practices influence plant growth and development in New Zealand commercial production.
AS91481 I 2 4 Accounting – Demonstrate understanding of a contemporary accounting issue for decision-making.
AS91362 I 2 4 Generic Technology - Demonstrate understanding of the nature of technological outcomes.


Level 3

Course Offers Endorsement (subject to NZQA criteria being met). 

No. I/E Level Credits Standard Title
AS91870 I 3 4 Agribusiness – Analyse the effect of financing options of a strategic capital expenditure decision on a business.
AS91735 I 3 4 Education for Sustainability – Evaluate measures that may be taken to sustain and/or improve a biophysical environment (4 credits) Internal.



I 3 4 Earth and Space Science – Investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth and Space Science context.
AS91428 I 3 3 Geography – Analyse a significant contemporary event from a geographic perspective.
AS91382 E 3 5 Agricultural and Horticultural Science – Demonstrate understanding of how marked forces affect supply of and demand for NZ primary products.

Last updated December 15, 2017