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Achievement Standard 91871 - Agribusiness 3.10

Analyse how a product meets market needs through innovation in the value chain.

This achievement standard relates to achievement objective 8-4 Critically examine how agribusinesses capitalise on opportunities to grow the value and sustainability of their products globally.

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to analyse how a product meets the market through innovation in the value chain.

Context for learning

An example of a learning context could be any value chain that has added or could add innovation to a product, for example, the mozzarella cheese value chain. The student is required to explain the innovation that has or may occur in the value chain, for example the time to make mozzarella cheese has dropped from 3 months to 6 hours due to a patented technology process. The student needs to explain how the innovation, reducing the time to make mozzarella cheese, meets market needs taking into consideration how the innovation adds or will add greater value to the entire value chain and the impact and consequences of the “new innovative” value chain to meet future needs.

Agribusiness knowledge, concepts, and content

Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the following agribusiness knowledge, concepts, and content:

  • a value added product
  • the value chain
  • the market needs
  • innovation

Last updated December 15, 2017