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Achievement Standard 91865 – Agribusiness 2.7

Demonstrate understanding of future proofing influences that affect business viability.

This achievement standard relates to achievement objective 7-1 Examine the impact of influences on agribusinesses to meet present and future needs, viability, and protection of the environment. 

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to explain future proofing influences and how these influences could affect the viability of an identified business.

Context for learning

An example of a learning context could be any business that future proofs due to an awareness of potential and/or actual influence that could affect the businesses ability to continue to meet current and future needs. For example, a cheese producer that is required to consider factors for future proofing because they have to think of ethical influences such as sourcing appropriate raw materials from ethical sustainable farmers so that they can be assured of a continuous business to meet their increasing number of ethically conscious consumers.

Agribusiness knowledge, concepts, and content

Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the following agribusiness knowledge, concepts, and content:

  • future proofing
  • influences on a business
  • business viability 

Last updated December 15, 2017