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Teaching as inquiry

NZC_Teaching as inquiry diagram.

NZC_Teaching as inquiry diagram

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Ask yourself:

  1. What is it important for me to be teaching now (focusing inquiry)?
  2. What strategies are most likely to help my students learn this (teaching inquiry)?
  3. What worked and for whom, and what are the implications for my teaching (learning inquiry)?

The first question requires us to know our students; the second, to have (or acquire) the appropriate content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge; the third, to assess what learning has gone on and in whose mind. The answer to this third question will have implications for our teaching - and possibly, our own learning. We may need to cast the net a bit wider in the search for a more effective pedagogy.

A cycle of inquiry is our best guarantee that we don’t carry on doing what we’re doing if it is not working for particular students or groups of students.

Last updated September 21, 2020