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Enhance the relevance of new learning

New learning is strengthened when students make connections between prior knowledge, broader accounting knowledge, and the real world.

Students will also find new learning relevant when they can see how it fits the gaps in their accounting knowledge and practice.

The relevance of new learning is reinforced when students see how it can be used in their everyday lives and how it could contribute to learning in other curriculum areas.

To enhance the relevance of new learning, teachers can:

  • ensure that students understand intended learning by explicitly separating what is to be learned from how it will be learned – “This is what we are learning and this is what we are doing to help us learn it.”
  • provide opportunities for students to share their existing knowledge and reveal any gaps related to what is to be learned
  • differentiate their teaching so that it addresses need, builds on strengths, and provides appropriate levels of challenge for the range of students in the class (visit the Enhance Learning with Technology site for ideas)
  • support students to connect concepts and applied contexts to help them recognise where the new learning fits in the bigger picture of learning
  • provide real-life problems with contexts relevant to the student
  • help students to pose and answer their own questions in a real-life context, for example: “Should I fill in a tax return?” or “How could I get the best return on Great Aunt Matilda’s inheritance?”
  • link the learning to other curriculum areas, for example, discussing the conventions the students use to write reports in other subjects before they write a report for a business recommending an accounting software package.

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Last updated August 20, 2019