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Programme 6 – Lifestyle programming

This programme is based on an eBook tutorial (flipped learning pedagogy) that includes embedded video. Students are given several problems related to real-world situations and are encouraged to develop programs to solve these problems.





Planning programme epub


Note: To access these ePub files please use an eReader which supports embedded video. If you are using a Mac, iBooks will work perfectly. If you are using a Windows computer, you can use ePub File Reader which is a free ePub reader that supports embedded video.

Note that the videos that have been embedded in the ePub and are available as separate files. This should be a last resort for students as the ePub includes some information that is not in the videos.



  1. Recipe Moderniser introduction
  2. Recipe decomposition
  3. Get name
  4. Get user input
  5. Not blank
  6. No numbers
  7. Blank no number success
  8. Recipe source
  9. Recipe source testing
  10. Scale factor planning
  11. Float input
  12. Numcheck part 1
  13. Numcheck part 2
  14. Scale factor ifs
  15. Scale factor tested
  16. Implications
  17. Get ingredients plan
  18. Get ingredients code
  19. Get amount plan
  20. Scale amount code
  21. Scale amount tested
  22. Unit dictionary
  23. Basic conversion
  24. Unit abbreviations
  25. Food dictionary
  26. Millilitres to grams
  27. Converter function
  28. Moderniser step 1
  29. Mixed no splitter
  30. Mixed unit ingredient
  31. Complete splitter
  32. Incorporate scale factor
  33. Splitting lines complete
  34. Scaling output
  35. Converter revisited
  36. Almost working
  37. Improved outcome
  38. Final moderniser
  39. Generator introduction
  40. Program preview
  41. Not blank function
  42. Rating part 1
  43. Rating part 2
  44. Text helper part 1
  45. Text helper part 2
  46. Text helper part 3
  47. Lists from CSV
  48. Review skeleton
  49. Test refine
  50. Fundraising introduction small lists
  51. Fundraising sort average

Last updated September 8, 2020