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Social inquiry approach

A social inquiry approach is most suited to senior social studies as it is an integrated process for examining social issues, ideas and themes.

The 'social inquiry diagram' on page 6 of Approaches to Social Inquiry BCUS (PDF 5.7MB) describes a 'map' or framework for approaching social inquiry in senior social studies.

A social inquiry overview.

A social inquiry overview diagram

A social inquiry will differ according to the focus or context of learning, the prior knowledge of the students, contemporary issues in society, and the unique make-up of the school community.

Plan and adapt the sequence, direction, and nature of a social inquiry to most effectively meet the needs of your own students, community, and school programme. This approach develops a conceptual, reflective, and critical social inquiry.

  • An interactive template for planning a social inquiry approach is available on TKI Social Sciences Online.
  • For assistance to plan a social inquiry go to page 9 of the Approaches to Social Inquiry (BCUS).

Points of view, values and perspectives. 

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Last updated February 8, 2022