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EfS and national qualifications

This section lists the available EfS achievement standards and several considerations for their use.

NCEA achievement standards

EfS achievement standards were reviewed in 2015. They are designed for use in senior secondary learning programmes. Most of the standards can be used to assess learning in a local context in cross-curricular or integrated courses.

Assessment specifications, resources and clarification documents are available on the NZQA website

Level 2

  • AS90810 Education for sustainability 2.1 Undertake a personal action, with reflection, that contributes to a sustainable future; Internal, 6 credits.
  • AS90811 Education for sustainability 2.2 Explain how human activity in a biophysical environment has consequences for a sustainable future; Internal, 4 credits.
  • AS90813 Education for sustainability 2.3 Demonstrate understanding of how different personal values have implications for a sustainable future; Internal, 3 credits.
  • AS90814 Education for sustainability 2.6 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of sustainability in different contexts; External, 4 credits.
  • AS91733 Education for sustainability 2.4 Demonstrate understanding of initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future; External, 4 credits.
  • AS91734 Education for sustainability 2.5 Develop a collaborative response that promotes a sustainable future, in relation to a current issue; Internal, 4 credits.

Level 3

  • AS90828 Education for sustainability 3.1 Evaluate a personal action that contributes towards a sustainable future; Internal, 6 credits.
  • AS90831 Education for sustainability 3.4 Analyse the impact that policies have on a sustainable future; External, 5 credits.
  • AS90832 Education for sustainability 3.5 Develop a strategy for an organisation that will contribute to a sustainable future; Internal, 5 credits.
  • AS91735 Education for sustainability 3.2 Evaluate measures that may be taken to sustain and/or improve a biophysical environment; Internal, 4 credits.
  • AS91736 Education for sustainability 3.3 Analyse how different worldviews, and the values and practices associated with them, impact on sustainability; External, 4 credits.

Assessment resources

External assessment

Sample external level 2 assessments are available here:

Check the level 3 report structure for AS90831 and AS91736 from this page:

For more information about the report’s content, presentation and format for AS90831 and AS91736 submission:

Internal assessment

EfS and university entrance

University Entrance (UE) is the minimum requirement to go to a New Zealand university.

There was a review of university entrance in 2010 which led to changes that were implemented in March 2014. See the most current information on the NZQA website.

EFS achievement standards will be on the list of NCEA approved subjects for entrance to university in 2016.

Check this page for the approved EFS standards:

Schools need to be aware of university entrance requirements and the general admission requirements of New Zealand universities when setting up new learning programmes and advising students about their pathways.

If planning cross curricula programmes, teachers need to be aware of the requirements of the number of credits a student requires in a subject as the minimum requirement to go to a New Zealand university.

Last updated November 24, 2023