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Concepts that relate to equity

Equity is a complex concept with other concepts sitting inside it. These other concepts are described in relation to the appropriate aspects of sustainability:

Respect for all life (environmental)

We have a responsibility to all species, not only because our existence is intertwined with theirs, but also because ecological justice dictates that all species have a right to life and to an environment that will sustain them. 

Social justice (social)

Individuals and groups, regardless of their location, gender or ethnicity should have equal opportunities in relation to rights, resources, and services. They should also recognise that they have responsibilities.

Intergenerational equity (social)

Each successive generation should have the opportunity to determine its own future and to provide for it, and not be burdened by the actions of previous generations.

Finite resources (economic)

Earth’s resources are finite and are therefore limited. These resources can only be consumed at a rate at which they can be renewed, re-used or recycled, and, if there is no other alternative, disposed of in ways that minimise impact on the environment.

Last updated April 22, 2015