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Bar graph (histogram) entitled ‘Sunshine hours per week, Auckland, 2006’ showing the number of weeks by weekly hours of sunshine. The horizontal (x) axis is weekly hours of sunshine, and the vertical (y) axis is frequency (count of the number of weeks for a given interval). Bars on the histogram extend fully from the beginning to the end of each interval, such that the columns touch. Values are as follows: 2 weeks with 5 to 10 hours of sunshine, 2 weeks with 10 to 15 hours, 5 weeks with 15 to 20 hours, 9 weeks with 20 to 25 hours, a peak of 12 weeks with 25 to 30 hours, 10 weeks with 30 to 35 hours, 5 weeks with 35 to 40 hours, 6 weeks with 40 to 45 hours, and 1 week with 45 to 50 hours.

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Last updated September 9, 2010