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Defining text

In the English learning area, a text is a crafted work in English that contains ideas or information, and is designed for a purpose and audience, within and across the oral, written, and visual modes.

Examples (all with fictional and non-fictional source material) include: play scripts, news media editorials and reports, games, game scripts, poems, speeches, letters, essays, reviews, documentaries, CG animations, graphic novels, mime, blogs, mockumentaries, video diaries, electronic journals, lyrics, novels, oral narratives, oral histories, short stories, films, and re-use and mash-up texts across a variety of platforms.

Consider how New Zealanders use social media and online publishing tools to keep in touch, share ideas and information, showcase their writing, build and store knowledge, and seek out reading materials and multimedia works for pleasure and learning.

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Last updated November 27, 2011