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Kiwi innovators and creators

Technology is intervention by design.

Discover how Kiwis are expanding human possibilities. Use these links as springboards for inquiry into technological innovation.

John Britten – Motorcycle designer

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Sir William Hamilton – Jet boat inventor

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Alan Gibbs – Aquada inventor

The world’s first high speed Amphibian (HSA) car.

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New Zealand’s agricultural technology industry

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Dr Susan Gardiner HortResearch apple genome project

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AgResearch Healthy transgenic cows

Scientists at AgResearch in New Zealand produce healthy transgenic cows.

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AgResearch Christchurch Innovative wool textiles

Innovative wool textiles developed at AgResearch in Christchurch meet consumer demand.

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Skateboards made out of harakeke?

Materials engineer Kim Pickering investigates natural materials to make composite materials that are sustainable.

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Rex Robotic Exoskeleton robotic legs

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Influence of design and technology on milk bars and cafés

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Search the Internet for other Kiwi technology innovations.

Last updated July 7, 2022