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A stacked pair of horizontal box and whisker plots constructed using the range, median, lower median, and upper median of the actual weight of male and female students, with the male box and whisker plot on top. The male student box plot has ‘whisker’ bars showing the range from a lower bound of 50 to an upper bound of 120 kilogrammes (kg). The median of the entire male data set of approximately 73 kg is indicated by a double thickness bar within the box. The lower median (of values from 50 to 73 kg) forms the left side of the box, at approximately 62 kg, and the upper median (of values from 73 to 120 kg) forms the right side of the box, at approximately 88 kg. The female box plot similarly has whiskers showing the range from 39 to 94 kg, with a median of 55 kg, and lower and upper medians of 50 and 68 kg respectively. The male box and whisker plot therefore extends from just above the female box (lower median), with a large box, median slightly to the left of the centre, and an elongated whisker to 120 kg. The female box and whisker plot begins much further to the left and has both a smaller range (whiskers) and a smaller box (more compact distribution). The median for females is also to the left of the centre of the box.

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Last updated September 9, 2010