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Bootstrap distribution alt text

Three linked graphs with same axes 170 – 230, marked in tens.

The top graph, labelled Sample, is a dot plot of the sample with its mean marked by a blue vertical line at 209.60. There is a box plot below the dots: minimum 170, lower quartile 197, median 208, upper quartile 224 and maximum 235.

The middle graph, labelled Re-sample, shows 1000 re-sample (bootstrap) means, each as a blue vertical line approximately 0.7 cm long. The middle lines are more densely packed. The re-sample means range from approximately 199 – 220. 

The bottom graph is a dot plot of all the bootstrap re-sample means. There is a dot for every re-sample mean and the dots represent the vertical lines on the middle graph. The bootstrap distribution is approximately bell-shaped. 

Last updated September 24, 2013