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Two vertically stacked dot plots entitled ‘Actual weight by gender’, with the top row male and the bottom row female. The two plots share a horizontal scale of actual weight in kilogrammes (kg) from 40 to 120 kg. Each plot consists of vertical stacks of dots, where one dot represents the weight of one student, with dots for multiple students at the same actual weight stacked in a column one on top of the other. Male data begins around 55 kg with a single dot, then a few dots, a peak stack of 6 dots at 60 kg, a concentration of dots between 60 and 100 kg, and finally two outlier points, with single dots near 110 and 120 kg. Female data begins off the scale around 38 kg, has a dense cluster around 55 kg, and then becomes infrequent after 65 kg, although a minor peak of 3 students exists near 85 kg, and at the far end of the range, two dots near 95 kg.

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Last updated September 10, 2010