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Programme 8 – Human-computer interface

Developed by Open Polytechnic, 2018

This programme is designed as interactive online learning modules to support students to complete a report that evaluates a human-computer interface in terms of usability heuristics. Classroom activities that could be used to supplement the modules are described in the teaching programme that accompanies this learning module.

This programme is provided on Open Polytechnic’s online learning platform iQualify. To access the programme and materials, you will need to email Malcolm Hewlett ( Malcolm.hewlett@openpolytechnic.ac.nz) and the Open Polytechnic will help you get set up.

Students will:

  • describe the role of a chosen user interface
  • identify examples from a given user interface that illustrates usability heuristics
  • evaluate a given human-computer interface in terms of usability heuristics
  • suggest improvements to a given human-computer interface by comparing and contrasting related interfaces.

Programme 8 – Human-computer interface

Last updated December 14, 2018