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Social studies pedagogical content knowledge

As in all teaching, teachers of senior social studies need specific pedagogical content knowledge. This includes:

Language knowledge

For example, these terms are important:

  • Concept – a general idea, thought, or understanding that can be expressed in a word or two, for example ’change‘ or ‘human rights’.
  • Viewpoint/values position – an opinion or point of view, a stance taken in regard to an issue or proposal.
  • Values– deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable.
  • Perspectives – a framework of ideas, beliefs, and values through which people interpret and interact with the world.  Perspectives are bigger than one person or group.

Learn more about points of view, values and perspectives. 

Teachers who understand these terms are able to help their students explore a range of perspectives that will deepen their conceptual understandings and enable them to make increasingly complex interpretations of society.


Valuable teaching resources are:

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Last updated July 3, 2013