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New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)

24 January 2017

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) achievement standards for level 8 have been developed for use from 2017. Context elaborations are available in this guide. 

Technology – new content

9 April 2015

The technology senior secondary curriculum guide has been updated to include the level 7 achievement and learning objectives.

Business studies – new content and updates

21 February 2015

To provide further clarification of Business Studies knowledge, concepts, and content students are expected to demonstrate, there have been changes to material in the TLG that support explanatory note 2 (levels 1 and 2) and explanatory note 1 (level 3) for externally assessed achievement standards. The explanations and exemplars of the...

Technology - new content

14 October 2013

The technology senior secondary curriculum guide was updated to include a new section, achievement and learning objectives.

The arts - new content

26 September 2013

The arts senior secondary curriculum guide was updated to include a new section,  learning programme design.

Facebook subject pages

15 July 2013

NZQA has launched a series of Facebook pages for each senior secondary school subject. Pages can be located by typing the subject name and NZQA into the Facebook search tool. These pages alert people to new or updated information for internally assessed standards on the NZQA subject pages. Teachers need to...

Ed for sustainability achievement standards

15 July 2013

The Ministry of Education, with NZQA, is reviewing the Education for Sustainability achievement standards so that they align with The New Zealand Curriculum and meet quality design principles for achievement standards. Schools and other stakeholders were consulted on the draft achievement standards and assessment resources in October and November 2013. The achievement standards...

Tongan achievement standards

15 July 2013

The Ministry of Education, with NZQA, has developed achievement standards for Lea Faka-Tonga.Levels 1 and 2 achievement standards and resources are available for use in schools from 2014. Level 3 achievement standards and resources will be available from 2015.CORE Education Ltd is managing this project for the Ministry of Education....