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Learning objective 7.1

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • examine media contexts.

Possible concept links

  • Media in society
  • Reading media texts
  • Media production


  • Discusses the context in which media is produced, distributed, and consumed.
  • Discusses the relationship between an aspect of media and society.

Possible context elaborations

  • Men in magazines: how are they represented? Women in music videos: how are they represented?
  • Television: what is the relationship between television programmes and their target audiences?
  • Creative commons: how has its role in content creation changed the way we think about what we publish?
  • It’s good to be green: how are the narratives of environmental issues presented in the media?
  • Film: how does the narrative of the traditional Hollywood film differ from other feature films?
  • Film: how does genre shape what we see at the movies?
  • Tikanga-ā-Iwi: how are the different issues related to Waitangi Day (or another important event in the Māori calendar) presented by the media?
  • Traditional film versus online video sharing: why do we still want to see movies at the cinema if anyone can now make a film?

Possible achievement standards

At the time of publication, achievement standards were in development to align them with The New Zealand Curriculum. Please ensure that you are using the correct version of the standards by going to the NZQA website.

Aligned level 1 achievement standards were registered for use in 2011 and level 2 for use in 2012; level 3 will be registered for use in 2013.

Learning objective 7.1 can be assessed using the following achievement standards:

  • AS91248 Media studies 2.1 Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between a media product and its audience; External, 3 credits.
  • AS91249 Media studies 2.2 Demonstrate understanding of narrative in media texts; Internal, 4 credits.
  • AS91250 Media studies 2.3 Demonstrate understanding of representation in the media; Internal, 3 credits.
  • AS91251 Media studies 2.4 Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media genre; External, 4 credits.
  • AS91254 Media studies 2.7 Demonstrate understanding of an ethical issue in the media; Internal, 3 credits.

Last updated August 18, 2015