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Achievement objective S6-2

In a range of meaningful contexts, students will be engaged in thinking mathematically and statistically. They will solve problems and model situations that require them to:

  • evaluate statistical reports in the media by relating the displays, statistics, processes, and probabilities used to the claims made.



S6-2 links to  S7-3.

Possible context elaborations

  • CensusAtSchool is a valuable website for classroom activities and information for teachers on all things statistics.
  • The achievement objective relies on the use of current media reports. Context will change from week to week depending on what is current, both in terms of national and international interest, and interest to teenagers. For example: “Speed is the biggest killer on New Zealand's roads, and young people and motorcyclists are the leading casualties, Ministry of Transport research shows.” (NZ Herald, 2009)
  • Data were collected from a random sample of 14 year old girls in Auckland regarding their preferred mobile phone brand and claims were made that all teenagers in NZ preferred a particular brand of mobile use. Comment.
  • Media reports can be from a variety of sources, including newspapers, magazines and press releases from agencies such as Statistics NZ.
  • Figure this activities – a variety of different short activities that introduce ideas around evaluating others reports.

Assessment for qualifications

NCEA achievement standards at level 1, 2 and 3 have been aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum. Please ensure that you are using the correct version of the standards by going to the NZQA website.

The following achievement standard(s) could assess learning outcomes from this AO:

Last updated April 8, 2021