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Achievement objectives

Level 6

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Achievement objective 7.2

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • understand how people’s interpretations of events that are of significance to New Zealanders differ.


  • Identifies and describes differing interpretations of an event.
  • Describes how different perspectives led to different interpretations of an event.
  • Describes and explains different interpretations, held by a range of people over time, of past events that are of significance to New Zealanders. (The range of people could include participants, contemporaries, historians, descendants, observers, and people today.)

Possible context elaborations

  • The campaign for women’s franchise in New Zealand: Was it won or was it given?
  • World War I: Accident or design?
  • The Amritsar massacre: What happened?
  • The Dawn Raids: Overstayers or victims of economic downturn?
  • The bombing of Japan and Germany: War crime or strategic necessity?
  • William Sutch: Spy or victim of SIS incompetence?
  • The Tibetan question: Liberated or oppressed?
  • New Zealand’s nuclear free policy: Marker of national identity and moral commitment or a risk to our strategic relationships?
  • The Green movement: Counter-culture or mainstream? Ecologically necessary or economically dangerous?
  • Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation in 1863: How did Americans respond?
  • The Anglo-Saxon occupation of England: Assimilation or extermination?
  • Changing views of historical figures – Elizabeth I, James I, Vogel, Seddon, Te Rauparaha, Hone Heke …
  • The Salem witch trials: Religious conviction or mass hysteria?
  • The dot.com crash: Access to information or conduit to corruption?

Last updated August 24, 2012