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Achievement objectives

Level 6

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Achievement objective 6.2

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • understand how people’s perspectives on past events that are of significance to New Zealanders differ.


  • Identifies and describes perspectives on a past event.
  • Debates an event from different perspectives.
  • Makes links or contrasts between the experiences of people in the past and their own experiences.
  • Compares their experiences with those of people in the past.

Possible context elaborations

  • Guy Fawkes, Te Kooti, or Osama bin Laden: Terrorists, freedom fighters, or representatives of legitimate political movements?
  • The Easter Rising: What did it mean to Dublin citizens, British authorities, and Irish nationalists?
  • The 1981 Springbok Tour: How was it seen by the government, police, anti-tour protesters, and pro-tour supporters?
  • Women’s suffrage in New Zealand and Britain: Who opposed it and who supported it?

Last updated August 24, 2012