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Philosophical perspectives

Applied philosophy

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Learning objective 8-4: Applied philosophy

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • analyse and evaluate how philosophical inquiry can be applied to a range of issues.


  • Analyses the basic assumptions in a range of questions and practical issues.
  • Evaluates the basic assumptions in a range of questions and practical issues.

Possible context elaborations

Analyse and evaluate the basic assumptions that underpin specific topics or questions; for example:

  • What career should I choose?
    • When choosing my career, what assumptions am I making about myself, my family, and my location? (freedom, resources, ability and interests)
  • If I vote, will it make a difference?
    • Am I only responsible for myself or do I have a responsibility for the wider community? (Do I care for others? Am I willing to be one of the many?) See the film, Antz.
  • Do I always need to obey my parents?
    • Do parents have a natural authority over their children?
  • Do I always need to obey the law?
    • How do lawmakers have authority over free human beings? (We elected the lawmakers to be reasonable.)

Assessment for qualifications

See NCEA assessment: level 3 for suggestions of achievement standards and unit standards that could be used to assess this learning.

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Last updated October 24, 2011