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Readings and resource materials on assessment

Information about effective pedagogy, including the teaching as inquiry process, can be found in The New Zealand Curriculum (pp. 34–36).

Specific approaches or mechanisms for teaching the social sciences are described on pages 54–55 of Effective Pedagogy in Social Sciences/Tikanga ā Iwi: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration [BES] (Ministry of Education, 2009).

Effective pedagogy in EfS is discussed on the Education for Sustainability website.

The wider social dimensions of EfS are discussed in the New Zealand Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report See Change.

See the learning programme design section of this guide for suggestions on how to plan EfS programmes.

See The New Zealand Curriculum (pp. 39–41) for a discussion of assessment in relation to school curriculum design and review.

See the resources section of this guide for links to online assessment resources.

Last updated September 12, 2017